30th anniversary of Expo 86 shows transformation of Vancouver

World's Fair transformed Vancouver and opened Vancouver to the world

The Plaza of Nations as seen during Expo 86. Credit: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

The world’s fair, Expo 86, attracted more than 22 million visitors to Vancouver and is credited for the development of modern-day Yaletown, BC Place, Science World, Canada Place and even Skytrain. In short, Expo 86 transformed Vancouver from a sleepy provincial backwater into a world city. Concord Pacific is still developing the former Expo lands to this day.

News 1130 created a photo gallery, showing the construction of pavilions as well as the Plaza of Nations, BC Place and other now-iconic Vancouver structures to celebrate Expo 86’s upcoming 30th anniversary on May 2. It’s incredible to see how much Vancouver has changed in 30 short years.