New city park coming to Yaletown at Smithe and Richards

New park in Yaletown to serve local residents and office workers

Suspended pedestrian walkway
The centrepiece of the new city park in Yaletown is a suspended pedestrian walkway and water feature.

New renderings of the design for an upcoming city park at Smithe and Richards in Yaletown are now available.

The Vancouver Park Board approved the design in May 2016, and have been working with DIALOG to refine the concept, which will go before the urban design panel this month. If all goes well, the park should be open by mid-2019.

The new 0.8 acre park will serve approximately 10,000 residents and 17,000 employees within a five-minute walk. 

Key features

  • Small café
  • Public washrooms
  • Community plaza with water feature and seating
  • Pedestrian bridge that traverses through park
  • Children’s playground
  • “Community gathering harvest table” (the city’s description, not ours)
  • New trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Overhead framing to support lighting and temporary installations
  • Retain existing mature trees on Richards and Smithe street frontages
Café building
The park will also have space for a small food service kiosk, likely a café.

Construction of the new park is scheduled to begin in mid-2018 and will take up to one year to complete. The site, currently an EasyPark lot and car share facility, will continue operating until construction begins.

Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan stipulates that by 2020, all Vancouver residents should live within a five minute walk of a park, greenway, or other green space.

The city has owned the property since 1997, with the long-term intention of developing a new downtown park. A small building on the northern end of the site was demolished several years ago after serving as a temporary homeless shelter. It was previously the Lucy Mae Brown restaurant, which closed in 2009.