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Lectrofan White Noise and Fan Sound Machine


  • 20 Unique Digital Sounds (10 Fan Sounds Plus 10 White Noises)
  • Excellent Noise-Masking (Up to 20dB louder than competing machines)
  • Precise Volume Control (1dB increment control for 10x quieter-10x louder than fan machines)
  • Small, sleek and stylish functional design
  • Upward facing speakers for full room sound

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This small, portable white noise machine is a lifesaver for apartment and condo living. It has 10 unique fan sounds and 10 white noise settings, as well as volume control.

The Adaptive Sound Technologies ASM1007-BF Lectrofan successfully blocks out noises from neighbours, traffic, roommates and partners while you’re sleeping.

It’s also great for concentrating while studying or working. The Lectrofan is available in white or black, and is small enough to take while traveling.