24 new towers proposed for Lansdowne Mall site in Richmond

Redevelopment of 1970s-era shopping centre to include new residential and office towers, public plaza, civic centre and "Central Park"

City of Richmond Lansdowne rendering
Rendering of the Lansdowne redevelopment. Credit: City of Richmond/Vanprop Investments Ltd.

The City of Richmond is preparing to launch public consultation on the redevelopment of Lansdowne Centre in Richmond, which will include 24 new towers.

The owner of the shopping centre, Vanprop Investments Ltd., wants to redevelop the existing 50-acre mall property with 22 residential towers and two office towers, as well as new retail space, and a new 10-acre city park.

The plan aims to concentrate the greatest density within 400 metres of the existing Lansdowne Canada Line station. Maximum building heights will be 45 metres, as all building heights in Richmond are constrained by the proximity of the Vancouver International Airport.

A new east-west road and the extension of Hazelbridge Way and Cooney Road through the site are also proposed to improve transportation linkages. Hazelbridge Way is envisioned as a new retail “high street,” lined with shopping, restaurants and cafés.

A city-owned amenity building, such as a community or recreation centre, is planned for the corner of Lansdowne and No. 3 Road, adjacent to a proposed civic plaza. The city envisions the plaza as a space for large events and activities like Canada Day celebrations, outdoor movies and seasonal festivals.

However, don’t expect Lansdowne Centre to disappear anytime soon; the developer told Business in Vancouver last year that they could do up to 10 years of development around the mall property before even touching the shopping centre.

The redevelopment of Lansdowne Centre comes at a time when other shopping centres in the Lower Mainland are embarking on — or already constructing — new residential towers on the massive parking lots surrounding their properties.

Shape Properties is redeveloping Brentwood Town Centre and Lougheed Town Centre in Burnaby, adding 11 new residential towers at Brentwood, and up to 23 towers at Lougheed, as well as expanding the amount of retail space at both malls.

QuadReal and Westbank are finalizing plans for their upcoming redevelopment of Oakridge Centre in Vancouver, which will include up to 11 new residential towers, and a new, nine-acre city park.

Public consultation on the Lansdowne redevelopment plan will wrap in Spring 2018, and the developer’s plans should be available to the public to view in-person at Lansdowne Centre in the new year.

  • ben dover

    This is good. More housing for young people.

  • JR Dallas

    When the earthquake comes and knocks all these buildings over because they’re NOT supposed to be built on what is essentially marsh land I hope they put the city planners and council in jail for allowing this. It “almost” seems like there might be some unknown incentive being given to them by Developers to allow these projects to go ahead.

  • Terry Allen

    Great. Just what Richmond needs. More towers to satisfy speculators from overseas. And should actual people live in them, more traffic congestion, more Canada Line congestion… really just what Richmond needs.

    • Ryan S.

      So what do you want? More affordable housing, or less density? Pick one.

      • Dave Leung

        Sorry to burst your bubble but these won’t be affordable. Unless you consider $900/sq ft affordable.

        • Ryan S.

          Thanks for the laugh, I needed that. $900/square foot is outrageously cheap when you benchmark it against other major cities. Vancouver wanted to be a global city… and it got what it was asking for.

          • Dave Leung

            World class money laundering city for sure. Doesn’t have much else going for it though 🙂

        • There’s no new condos even close to $900 psf in the Lower Mainland… let alone in the coming years when the project will be presold. Those days are long gone.