Westbank Commercial Drive

Safeway site at Broadway-Commercial Skytrain to be redeveloped

Developer Westbank and Crombie REIT, the owners of the Safeway at Broadway and Commercial next to the Skytrain, are holding an information session soon...
Kettle Boffo

First look at Kettle Boffo tower on Commercial Drive

Only on Commercial Drive could a proposed 12 storey building with new social housing and space for a cherished non-profit society generate so much controversy.

But the Boffo Kettle project is being fought tooth and nail by organizers of the No Venables Tower coalition, who have collected over 3,500 signatures on a petition opposing the development. I don't know if I would call 12 storeys a tower, it's more of a mid rise. But let's face it, "no tower" sounds sexier, and definitely more controversial.