800 Main Street to include condos, social housing, grocery store

The removal of the viaducts and buildout of the city’s plan for Northeast False Creek will create new parcels of land for development, and transform the area between False Creek and Chinatown.

One such parcel is the “West Block”, the plot of land on the west side of Main Street, sandwiched between Union and Prior where the Dunsmuir viaduct currently is.

Once the viaducts are removed, the parcel at 800 Main Street will be developed into a mixed-use neighbourhood with market housing, social housing, community space and retail, including a large grocery store.

A separate planning process is underway for the parcel of land on the east side of Main under the current viaduct, the Hogan’s Alley Block. The city hopes that process will help re-establish Hogan’s Alley “as a focal point for the Black community in Vancouver.”

The two blocks (West Block and Hogan’s Alley) will contain between 200-300 social housing units once complete.

The architect on the project is Perkins + Will. The development aims to reintegrate the site into the surrounding urban fabric and help restore Main Street as a true ‘high street’.

West Block 800 Main Street

  • Two towers: 22-storeys; 11-storeys
  • One low-rise: 7-8 storeys
  • market housing
  • social housing units (including artist housing)
  • large-format grocery store
  • childcare facilities
  • cultural centre and social facilities
  • non-profit office space
  • Minimum of 25,000 sq ft. of commercial floor area for shops and restaurants

The area is envisioned as “an inclusive, diverse and equitable community including indoor and outdoor places to gather, a focus on local access to healthy food, and a diverse tenure including opportunities for family and affordable housing.”

West Block photos

View north to the plaza from Prior/future Pacific Boulevard. Credit: Perkins + Will/City of Vancouver
View from the future Northeast False Creek Park. Credit: Perkins + Will/City of Vancouver
Floor plans for the ground floor of the development, showing the large grocery store space. Credit: Perkins + Will/City of Vancouver
View to the northwest. Credit: Perkins + Will/City of Vancouver
View to the southwest. Credit: Perkins + Will/City of Vancouver