Over two million property owners will receive their 2018 property assessment notice by mail in early January. Credit: Sporst/Flickr

2018 property assessments by BC Assessment are now available to view online on the e-valueBC system.

Anyone can visit www.bcassessment.ca and input a property address to see the assessed value as of July 1, 2017, as well as the previous year’s value. Users can also view the value of neighbouring properties, and see what they may have sold for in the past year.

All you need is the property’s street address. For condominiums and other multi-unit properties, users can select from a drop-down list of units at that street address.

BC Assessment 2018 fast facts

  • In 2018, there were 2,044,482 properties assessed in B.C., up 1% from 2017.
  • The total value of all real estate on the B.C. assessment roll is $1.86 trillion, up 12% from 2017.
  • Total amount of 2018 ‘non-market change’, including new construction and development: approximately $31.6 billion, an increase of almost 28% from 2017.
  • The highest assessed single residential property for 2018 is valued at $78.8 million (Lululemon founder Chip Wilson’s Point Grey Road house)
  • Over 98% of property owners typically accept their property assessment without requesting a review.

City of Vancouver property values

Community 2017 Assessments 2018 Assessments Percentage Change in Value
West Side Vancouver Single-family home 33′ Lot, 1928 $2,381,400 $2,421,600 +2%
East Side Vancouver Single-family home 33′ Lot, 1946 $1,338,900 $1,350,900 +1%
West Side Vancouver Strata Low-rise condo, 2002 $827,000 $906,000 +10%
East Side Vancouver Strata High-rise condo, 2003 $486,000 $557,000 +15%

Property value of White Spot site doubles

Several high-profile properties in the news recently have seen major jumps in their assessed value, including the White Spot on West Georgia Street, which recently sold to a Hong Kong-based developer for $245 million.

BC Assessment values the property at $104 million, up from $52 million in 2016.

BC Assessment property details for the White Spot restaurant on West Georgia, recently purchased by a developer for $245 million.

The previous owners of the property — Shato Holdings (proprietors of White Spot) — had floated a plan for two residential condo towers on the site. The new owners will almost certainly revised the proposal, especially considering the price paid for the property. The buildings will likely be taller, and contain larger, more expensive units.

Rendering of White Spot/Shato proposal on West Georgia in Coal Harbour. Credit: Shato Holdings Ltd.

Value of ‘mystery lot’ jumps considerably

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, the value of the city’s most infamous vacant lot has also increased — up $28 million in the past year alone. The property, at the corner of Robson Street and Broughton Street, has been vacant since the 1970s, despite being prime real estate with the potential for high-density development.

A CBC News story in 2015 tracked the ownership of the lot to a Hong Kong-based company called Melford Estates Limited, which was registered in B.C. in 1973. However, the company’s directors refused to comment.

The value of a vacant lot at Robson and Broughton has increased by $28 million in the past year.

Just across the lane from the vacant lot, a New York-based architect has designed two upcoming residential towers for developers Landa Global and Asia Standard Americas. The vacant lot is shown in the rendering below.

Preliminary design for the twin tower proposal at 1444 Alberni Street, proposed by Asia Standard and Landa Global.

Value of future parkland remains stable

Meanwhile, the property value of Concord Pacific’s presentation centre and parking lot – slated to become a new park, has remained stable at $10,001. In 2015, the BC Supreme Court upheld Concord Pacific’s legal right to maintain a presentation centre on the future parkland. Residents in the area say they have been waiting for 30 years for the promised park to materialize.

BC Assessment is a provincial crown corporation, with the mandate of establishing and maintaining uniform property assessments.

Video: How BC Assessment assesses property value

The video explains factors BC Assessment uses to create property assessments in B.C.