Pokérrito serves up latest food trend in Vancouver

Diamond Head poke bowl at Pokérrito.

Poke shops are the latest craze to hit Vancouver’s food scene, with several new entrants setting up shop downtown in the past year. Pokérrito, at Dunsmuir and Seymour is one of the new entrants.

If you’re wondering what poke is – it’s a raw fish salad served in Hawaiian cuisine, typically as an appetizer. However, most of the new shops in Vancouver are serving it up as an entree, although it’s probably not very authentic.

On a Monday evening, it was busy with a steady stream of young customers. The ordering process is similar to Chipotle or Subway: you can choose from several different poke bowls, burritos or salads, or build your own.

For about $11 including tax for a regular sized bowl, you can have a healthy, satisfying meal.

The Diamond Head Bowl has spicy tuna, crab, ginger, green onion, cucumbers and jalapeños over rice, and was a nice mix of flavours.

Service is fast and friendly, and they have free lemon water and even a machine dispensing coffee for .25 cents. You can eat-in or take out.

There are several different bowl toppings to choose from.
Toppings include tuna, shrimp and even octopus.
Menu board showing the different options.
Vegetable toppings for the bowls and burritos.
Ordering counter at Pokérrito

Pokerrito is open until 9 p.m. nightly.